Yancey's Fancy® ORIGINAL Buffalo Wing Cheddar™ Mac & Cheese

  1. Cook (boil or grill) about 1-2 lbs. of chicken breast and shred or use precooked chunks of rotisserie chicken and shred

        -Set aside until end

  2. Boil and drain half a package of noodles (enough for 4 people) until desired firmness

        -Set aside until end

  3. Meanwhile cut into chunks 1/2 lb. of sharp processed cheddar (Yancey's Deli Yellow Cheddar) and 1/2 lb. of either Yancey's Fancy® Buffalo Wing Cheddar™ or Yancey's Fancy® Savory Garlic Buffalo Wing Cheddar

  4. In a big saucepan bring 6 oz. of water (or your favorite beer) to a boil

  5. Put the cheese that is chunked up in it and IMMEDIATELY start stirring and continue to stir until all chunks are melted into a sauce

  6. Remove from heat and add noodles as well as shredded chicken and mix together

  7. Enjoy!


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