Natural Cheeses

We guarantee that you will be delighted with our handcrafted cheeses. If you don't agree that they're the best you've ever tasted, simply mail in the reason, price, and proof of purchase (UPC label or cash register receipt) to us and we will give you a voucher for replacement!

Sharp Cheddar


X-Sharp Cheddar

XXX-Sharp Cheddar


Bergenost (rBST free)

Chastinet *NEW



Gouda (rBST free)



Plain Cheddar Cheese Curds (rBST free)



Hot Pepper Cheddar Cheese Curds (rBST free) 



Buffalo Wing Cheddar Cheese Curds (rBST free)


Chive Cheddar Cheese Curds (rBST free)


Roasted Garlic Cheddar Cheese Curds (rBST free)




What are Fresh Cheddar Cheese Curds?

Before cheese cubes, before string cheese, kids and adults alike were enjoying the delicious taste of fresh New York State Cheddar Cheese Curds.

What is a Cheddar Cheese Curd? Cheese Curds are simply fresh cheddar cheese before it has been pressed into a block to age and thus become "aged cheddar." Pure, simple and wholesome, cheese curds are high in calcium and make a great nutritious snack for kids and adults alike!

"Cheese just doesn't get any fresher than this!"