Buffalo Wing Cheddar

A spicy and flavorful blend of aged cheddar with habanero, cayenne and jalapeño peppers along with Original Buffalo Wing Hot Sauce. This popular favorite gives a “hot kick” to many dishes such as Au Gratin potatoes and Mac & Cheese. It gives an added kick to nachos, grilled chicken, burgers or just about anything else you can think of!


Wine: Cabernet Franc

Beer: Black & Tan or Stout

Available in: 7.6 oz Wedge, 6 oz. curds, 2.5 lb Bulk Curds, 8 oz Stick,10 lb Wheel, 8 oz Shingle, 2 lb Shingle, 2.5lb Loaf, 5lb Loaf, 10lb Print, 43lb Block, Shreds